Music Assessor© is an OFFLINE customized assessment software designed to test the knowledge of instrumental techniques for:

  • Exiting undergraduate or graduate music education students
  • Potential hires of music education teachers into your district
Who should use this program?
  • School principals/administrators
  • Music department heads
  • Music college deans/advisors
  • Cooperating teachers who have music student teachers
  • High school or college teacher-prep instructors for music ed candidates

What elements are tested?

This program will test candidates' knowledge of fingerings on all wind and string instruments. The program will collect candidates' contact information, and then record their time and accuracy in identifying instrumental fingerings. Administrators may view the results in a seprate file. This program is designed to work WITHOUT internet access, for your convenience. Many people run the software with Internet Explorer on "kiosk" mode, which eliminates the buttons and controls that allow web browsing.

Currently the program has the ability to test the following instruments:

  • Flute (program shows you an image of a flute)
  • Oboe (program shows you an image of a oboe)
  • Bassoon (program shows you an image of a bassoon)
  • Clarinet (program shows you an image of a clarinet)
  • Saxophone (program shows you an image of a saxophone)
  • Trumpet (program shows you the note on the staff)
  • French Horn (single) (program shows you the note on the staff)
  • Trombone (program shows you the note on the staff)
  • Baritone (program shows you the note on the staff)
  • Tuba (program shows you the note on the staff)


  • Violin (program shows you an image of a violin)
  • Viola (program shows you an image of a viola)
  • Cello (program shows you an image of a cello)
  • String Bass (program shows you an image of a string bass)

Which options can you change?

As the program administrator, you may change any of the following options as many times as you wish. Let's say you only want to test one instrument. No problem! You get to choose!

  • Time allowed per instrument
  • Number of questions per instrument
  • You choose which instruments are tested
  • The name of your school on the top of the "home page"
  • The location of the text file, which collects and saves the results of everyone who plays!

Can I customize other elements of the program?

Yes. If you wish, I can customize the program for you in just about any way you wish. Let's say you want the program to show your school colors and your school's logo. Just send me the image and I'll set up the page exactly how you want it. Other options are available...just ask.

Can candidates practice ahead of time?

Yes. Music Assessor© is available in "student" form at The interface, graphics, and prompts are the same. The only difference is that candidate's timed attempts are not permanently recorded at

What are the requirements of my computer?

Music Assessor© requires you to use Internet Explorer 4.0 or later, or Firefox 2.0 or later, on a PC or a Windows-based Macinotsh. You must have JavaScript turned on. You are allowed three installations per purchase. If you are moving to a new computer, you may deactivate the old copy and install the new copy on your new machine.

You can take it for a test run at On the test run, you will not be able to change any of the options or permanently collect user data.

Screen shots:

Ordering information:

You may purchase this software with a credit card or with a school purchase order. Credit card orders may download the progam immediately. Everyone will be sent the software on CD ROM by U.S. mail after payment is recieved. Simply give me the following information and submit via our secure server:


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